Rules and policies

License Agreement

To participate in the experiment you must agree to abide by the license agreement.

Using application [email protected]

We recommend faithfully to all members of the project [email protected] to used [email protected] - application or screensaver only at computers, which are your personal, or if you have the permit for use this application! We advice you this warning on purpose, because some schools, firms or organizations prohibit the use of similar applications.

Non-profit [email protected]

[email protected] is non-Boinc and not for profit. Members of the project [email protected] voluntary offer for free CPU time for purpose (searching new Wieferich primes). Obtained points (member's or team's score, rate, etc..) are enaged for information only! Points (member's or team's score, rate, etc..) are only abstract numbers for statistics.

Processor usage

This application make use of only unused processor, therefore application [email protected] don't hold under work with others applications. Application can totally switch off calculation also and demand of processor will be quite stops. The work did by computer in application make for fruition of the project [email protected]. All the information about project are described on official sites

Privacy policy

Every account (custom's profile) at [email protected] is identified according to user's (member) name, where every member will opt for arbitrarily at the registration to the project. Member's name is impossible to change. Member's name together with member's profile can be viewed on project sites [email protected] and makes it possible to editing of all saved information, change the access's password, display members's results and his reached score. If member want to stay totally in anonymity, he must choose fictitious member name.

If member is joinned to the project [email protected], hardware information about every member's computers (type of processor, memory size etc ..) are saved to the database and they are used only for identification unfinished work. Informations about member's computers can be viewed on these sites. In any case, we don't gather any information from your computer for example: placing of your computer, like e.g . domain name or IP address!

A new member can be joinned to the project [email protected] after free registration only. Registration require set of functional email address. Member's email address isn't viewed on these sites directly. If any member is joinned to the team, founder's team has access to viewing email addresses of all registered members. All the email addresses are protected saved to the database and they won't give for third parties or for other persons. Email adress serve for identification in the event of losses password or for sending news from Every member can sign-in to receiving news from

Is it safe to run [email protected]?

No software, which is downloading from internet hasn't security such that works quite with no problems. Designer of the application [email protected] made an effort to minimisation problems. Application was created on computers, which are equipped with most modern antivirus programs and with best ways for minimisation security risk. Application was uploaded to the server, where is the most modern security technology. Application make use of unused processor only and run in lowest priority, but it is possible that some computers to get warming while application will calculate. We dissuade you from using application [email protected] on laptop or notebook with battery - powered only, because there could to accelerated battery discharge.

Restriction of responsibility - software

Authors of project [email protected] and development expressly disclaims any warranty for the software. this software and the accompanying files are offered "as is" and without warranties as to performance of merchantability or any other warranties whether expressed or implied, or noninfringement.

Restriction of responsibility - pages

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Users entering materials on any of these Web pages are responsible for the content of that material. has no responsibility for the content of any messages or information posted by users (team's profile, member's profile, ...), or for the content of information of third-parties on the Internet, even if accessed through pages. However, The retains the right, which it may or may not exercise, in its sole discretion, to review, edit or delete from its web site any third-party material which deems to be illegal, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.