Version history

Version history: New version is able to switch off warn for new version. In main window were added more 7- segments for higher member's and team's score. There was added new translation for German language. After updating there won't lost actual work. If there was stopped another work and there ran at least one any test, program doesn't start the test after application launch. This upgrade solves this problem. After updating there won't lost actual work. New version corrects change team. If member change or unjoin team, program will download and view new statistics for the member (rate, score). Change of memory using was treated for use in multicore launcher.There was made correction of termination app unstability. New version accelerates searching in complete and periodical test. Software makes use of totally new algorithms, which are very efficient for mathematical method exponentiation and congruency calculation (described here). New units for complete test are 10x larger and in periodical test 1,5x larger. Mathematical background for development new algorithms, which were included in new version, in detail interpreted Mr. Doc. Miroslav Kureš. Periodical test was accelerated by - pass formed periodical strings, which are not nonprimes. Periodical test looks for Wieferich prime and near -Wieferich prime too (in previous version searched near- W. primes only complete test). These changes are most important in this new version. If You use actual version (from v.2.0), You will get another points (look at the actual updated stats page) for every finished unit. Problem with hardware key implicate PC duplication. There was corrected the window of join to the team. Automatic software updating isn't possible to do at OS Windows Vista, if is turned on UAC. In OS Windows Vista is necessary perform manual upgrade.